Nga Kairaranga Whānau o Aotearoa

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Purpose of Association:

The New Zealand Association of Family Therapy is dedicated to the support, networking, and improvement of practice of everyone working with families and/or systems.  The term therapy in the association name is meant in its broadest meaning of “acting in the service of healing” rather than being limited to a provision of professional treatment.  Members of the NZAFT will aspire to:

  • Acknowledge the many components of healing (personal, familial, community, systemic), the relation they have to each other, and the necessity of addressing issues from multiple directions.
  • Appreciate and accept diverse perspectives and voices.
  • Promote a systemic approach in their practice.
  • Maintain high standards and integrity in their work and interactions with others.
  • Ensure that their practice is appropriate in regard to boundaries and privacy issues.
  • Continually seek to improve their knowledge, wisdom, and practice, while understanding the scientific evidence for their choices.
  • Act with humility, care, and empathy in relation to all members of the system while keeping to the highest standards of ethical and legal practice.

Because the code of the association is only aspirational, the conduct of its members is not regulated under the authority of NZAFT, and issues of propriety or legality of conduct should be referred to other professional bodies with whom the member is affiliated.